Assess Your Existing Website Worksheet. DOWNLOAD NOW!


Before rebuilding your website, it's important to understand what you already have. The first step of your website redesign is to determine what a successful site looks like for your company. This will help you determine the road map for your whole project. Next, you set your goals, you should look back and reflect on your existing website. Make sure you don’t dive blindly into the project. This worksheet is designed to assess your goals, overall marketing strategy, and evaluate your current site by looking at the metrics and reviewing your site on mobile.

After Filling Out The Worksheet You Will Have COMPLETED:

• A review of the current metrics of your site

• Set benchmarks for your redesign

• Set measurable goals for your new site

• And more!

Assess Your Website by downloading this free worksheet. You'll be glad you did when you can measure the metrics of your site's success!