Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography helps healthcare providers tell their story. The right image or video can engage patients and educate them on their own healthcare condition as well as your medical facility’s service lines. Oftentimes, patient relationships begin with a prospect clicking on a video they find on your healthcare website.

Capturing photos and video footage inside a medical facility requires a skillset beyond basic photography. Healthcare photography requires a different style and perspective. 724’s team understands the requirements for working with physicians and patients. The techniques used by our photographers vary based on the subject, the situation, and the end use of the image. Our staff is HIPAA, HWCP, CHSP, and PPEC certified. We know how to get the photos and video you need to develop engaging medical marketing campaigns without being intrusive or violating patient privacy regulations.

Our healthcare photography services are used in the following ways:

  • Advertising
  • Educational
  • Surgical
  • Clinical
  • Architectural
  • Collateral