Web Design and Programming

User experience – either good or bad – effects whether or not a prospects further engage with your medical facility or business. 724’s proprietary, HIPAA-compliant data collection methodology allows us to study online behaviors and user experiences. This helps us develop medical marketing and advertising campaigns that are specific and relevant to your prospects, patients, physician referral sources, and customers.

724 helps you gauge prospects’ online behaviors to determine what influences decisions.  We utilize this information to ensure an optimal user experience that results in better engagement and increased business for our clients.

Beyond user experience, a good website design is a must.  Yeah, there’s much more to a site than looking good but a site that looks bad is equally as damaging.  724’s creative services provide unique website designs, based on user needs and user experience.  With the team of programmers at 724, you will get a site that works for your needs and those of your site visitors.